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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  April 7, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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where looking live across the bay, looking good this morning looking wet as well. stay tuned for steve's forecast momentarily. we just needed to start smooth. good morning and thank you for joining us it is friday it is friday, april 7, i am dave clark. >> i am christina captain. -- christina kafton. it was not a quiet storm, that is for sure. a tornado -- and alejo 4.39, santa rosa two point santa rosa 2.39, are there other areas over two? yes. the winds are at 2.84 with what
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happened in santa rosa. kentfield 2.60. glen ellen is over two, pacifica three quarters, and the los altos hills had more than an inch of rain. the wind gusts were up to 74 and 83 miles per hour. this giant system is moving east, there is still something taking a turn, it will hit us into saturday. there are just a few showers still around an affront has gone through in the wind has tailed off in all wind advisories have been canceled. the sierra will keep going with the winter storm warning. 50s on the temperatures. much cooler. of still southerly breeze, it will be a breezy and blustery day. the onshore push is coming from the death -- jet stream. once the system goes through, this will develop rapidly
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giving us rain tonight. 50s and 60s on temperatures. hopefully everyone can have a relaxing commute this morning. is not too bad given help messy things were overnight. the super commute in the north bay coming from 80 through fairfield, you can see things are moving nicely through that area down through the alejo. over on highway 4, there was a report of a westbound highway 4 just west of mcewen, a car of the row. earlier this morning of 15 minutes ago they came in as a report for the skyway, they turned -- they changed it to the mcewen of rent. at the truck is on the way and it does not look like the sensors are picking up any trouble. take a look at the golden gate bridge this morning, not too shabby, not many cars on the road but you can see the rain slick roadways, please be
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careful as you are driving. and the bay bridge toll plaza looks good this morning. the same with 80 north and southbound. you can see the headlights picking up the shine on the road from the wet and windy weather we had overnight. take it easy as you head out the door. it is 4:33 am. a massive project to repair the damage spillway is an -- is going to be underway. repairs could take up to $209 but officials say they will have a better idea on price once the design is drawn up. the state to expense the spillway to release twice as much water as before. crews will have to rate the repairs before the next winter storm season hits. ager vic -- angry victims of flooding our lashing out at the santa clara water district. they question whether money for flood protection is being
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misspent at a meeting history. several people say they have been paying taxes for years for the flooding yet this is where the worst flooding always happens. they have received little to no warning that coyote creek was going to flood damaging 600 homes and forcing 14,000 people to evacuate. judge neil gorsuch, president trump's supreme court nominee is headed for senate confirmation is warning. democrats are protesting after republicans used what both sides call the nuclear option. they put judge corset on the supreme court. republicans blame democrats for forcing them to change roles after a filibuster. democratic minority leader chuck schumer of new york calls the change of rules a turning point in the history of the senate and the supreme court.>> cumulative resentments from years of partisan trench warfare were two great. instead of the senate forcing
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us to change, senators have decided to change the senate. >> is a sad day for the senate because we have now destroyed 200 years of tradition of requiring 60 votes meaning you have to have bipartisan approach to these issues in these appointments. we are on a slippery slope. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the senate will resume debate on neil gorsuch today. seven cisco police arrested and instruct her on child pornography charges. nicholas hodges was taken into custody at the swim school on tuesday. they searched his home and found more than 600 files of child pornography in his computer. the school tells the examiner that hodges background check that included fingerprinting. it also says they are not aware of any evidence that any
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charges involve any students. he also has worked on walt disney store and at the san francisco trampoline park. 4:36 am, a woman from the peninsula accused of killing her boyfriend is out of jail and under house arrest after posting $35 million rail. her name is tiffany lee. she's accused of murdering keith green. he was the father of their two children and police say she was worried that he would take custody of their daughters. so they say tiffany li hired to kill him. >> she murdered him. is a terrible story. we will prevail. looking forward to court a getting everything out to the public. >> the san jose mercury news reports the $35 million bail is the largest ever in san mateo
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county. tiffany li is the real estate heiress in her trial is set to begin in september. california appeals court upheld the climate change effort that requires companies to buy credits if they exceed pollution limits. cabinet trade law limits convert -- carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. businesses in the state chamber commerce filed a lawsuit saying forcing the companies to buy credits is equivalent to a tax increase and that requires approval of the legislature. the court sided with the governor in a ruling saying the option sales are not attacks. 4:37 am availing concorde which are help this morning to find their special therapy dog. is an english springer spaniel and it provides healing for their 11-year-old son. the dog went missing last weekend. azenith smith has more on the search. >> reporter: 11-year-old carson
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basis heartbroken, a big part of his heart is missing. he and his dog are inseparable, together for five years, this is his therapy dog. >> he's like a brother to me. he's my best friend. [ sobbing ] i don't know anyone that is in him. >> reporter: carson was meant to be a twin, when he was two years old he was diagnosed with vanishing twin system, and emotional separation deficiency. a child psychologist recommended therapy dog to fill the void. >> i chose it because he looked so nice. >> being able to have to 100 percent loyal dog all the time just did that, it made them whole again. >> reporter: last saturday morning the family made an unexpected trip out of town, gone for less than 24 hours they came home and discovered
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the 72 pound dog pushed open the side gate were unusually -- unusual they say, the dog may have just gotten inches from them being oh -- them being gone so long. since then to sites, one in the front yard and another neighbor says the dog was seen on pine hollow road. he has a red color and he has a chip but the family fears he's loss. they have no sign of him. >> he's such an amazing dog, someone might have him. i guess that would be the best worst-case scenario. >> reporter: their hope is that someone spotted the black-and- white springer spaniel. they just want to bring 11-year- old carson's loyal companion home. >> if anyone has some, could you please give me back my dog i really miss him. i can't even think without him.
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can't do anything without him. >> azenith smith . heavy rain continues, of sliding hillsides is threatening homes and other problems from the storm. a heated debate at the high school. how the faith of more than 100- year-old mascot may be changing. itself like the worst of the storm has passed but the roadways are still slick you can see the golden gate ridge, traffic is moving smoothly but we will tell you about road flooding and other parts of the bay area. our front has moved through up north in east, things have calmed down that there's another piece of energy to the left of the screen that will come in tonight. >> [ music ]
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's -- there was a meeting in napa about a ,100 mascot.>> the high school wants to retire the indian name and picture. many families are opposing this.>> reporter: as people streamed into napa high, students around of the logo on the floor. >> we are protecting the indian. >> no one walks on the image out of respect. >> when you take away the mascot, you might as well take away the name napa high. >> >> reporter: the auditorium was packed with many generations of people who have went through the school.>> >> reporter: this pair sat on a task force studying the issue and it changed her mind. >> i came to the conclusion it
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is best to choose a different mascot. >> where her to get respect.>> reporter: two years ago native american residents wanted them to drop the emblem.>> we are not a mascot and we're not here to entertain. in india is not even a real name. we are not from india. >> it is harmful, if it's such an honor why don't they take a picture of their head and put it up there. let's use your head as a mascot.>> reporter: but just steps away, dozens of alumni begin the fight song. many resent having their school traditions tampered with so they held the protest before the meeting took >> i understand the other side as i am an indian. those who want to save -- >> reporter: those who want to save the mascot are upset. >> is nothing we can do except
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moveon and try to all become friendly. >> reporter: for two hours each side tackle the other as the board to halt session.>> the community will recover when the mascot is retired, we are keeping racism alive with this. [ cheers and applause ] >> we should not be bullied, we need to do what the other area schools have done and retain our proud and beautiful symbol. >> it is for 40 5 am as the day begins, you know about the storm knocked out power to close roads, all kinds of problems. allie rasmus is in for sal castaneda, how is it looking ? >> the rate is letting up is the time for the commute. let's start with the super commute. if you are coming westbound on
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friday you will hit a little slowdown through the ultima pass. no major issues to talk about just usual condition for this time of the day. looking at the south bay, roadways are all pretty good got one issue to tell you about in the redwood city area, southbound 85 just south of 101, all reports of flooding in the roadway. looking at 280 in san jose, northbound traffic looks good. you can tell the roads are still a little slick from the overnight rain. this is one i want before the 80 split in san francisco, traffic is moving -- moving smoothly there as well. is 4:46 am and it's over to stevie. things have calmed down thank goodness after last night. let's look at the wind gusts and rain coming up. we are not done yet. were done with the wind advisory, those are canceled
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but that system, how it has wrapped up off of seattle and portland. a really impressive store. this is not something we see often in april. back in the day we used to, this is rare. that's the next piece of energy coming in tonight, it will not be as strong as yesterday but it will give us more rain. mount diablo 74, i am still digging for these. above los gatos redwood estates 68, and an conformed report of 83 mile-per-hour winds. on the golden gate bridge it was 54 miles per hour in at the airport before miles per hour. rainfall to the west of windsor northwest of gordon dill. santa rosa got 2.39. windsor, canfield at glenallen all over two inches. pacific had an inch and three quarters.
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did not in san francisco 0.92. >> winter storm warning still out and at last check it was raining. the snow is still high although the cooler air is now moving in. i expect this note come down throughout the day and certainly by tonight into tomorrow. out to the valley, still rain down towards monterey as seven in steele county. a little of the napa county and moving through sonoma county. not much here. but look at the enhancement taking place. will have forecast throughout the day with rain increasing throughout the day. there will still be a breeze, not as windy as yesterday, but still a breeze. mostly cloudy, often on breezy to wendy at times -- breezy at times. once that rotates and that will give us more rain tonight. there's more rain down the pipe
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if you will, next wednesday and thursday we will get a break sunday through tuesday. monday still it's good for the giants home opener. but look at the rainfall next week. another 3-4 especially santa rosa north. next wednesday thursday friday could be very wet again. the good news is after saturday morning we will get a break. >> will just keep our umbrella handy. i would throughout the end of the month.>> seriously? >> yes. athletes are undergoing training like never seen before, the high-tech tool for better sensory skills, performance and safety. [ music ]
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, welcome back to mornings on 2. more americans who are 50 years old or older are living with each other. according to new research, research center shows that last year 18 million americans were cohabitating. almost 1/4 of the were over the age of 50. that is up 75 percent since the year 2007. researchers say the increase may be due to the fact that baby boomers have a higher divorce rate and are now more married people in that age group. there's also an increase in the number of older americans who have never been married.
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california is close to adopting a state dinosaur. take a look, this is the duck billed dinosaur. the fossilized remains have only been found in california. seven other states and washington dc have already taken state dinosaurs and yesterday the state assembly voted for this one. researchers say they were herbivores and could be 2016 long and 11 feet tall. >> how did you say that name? steph curry is among the many top athletes defending on vision training to improve their performance. >> a silicon valley company is on the cutting edge in sports with this technology. scott reese explains how this training can help everyone from pro athletes to students in school.>> reporter: this is not a fashion statement. some of the world's top athletes like steph curry and that ryan had incorporated vision training into the regular workouts.
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founders of sensory speed in san jose have their own vision.>> the missing piece of most sports performance training programs out there is vision and neurocognitive components. that's where we come in. >> it is based on developmental optometry and functional vision which has been around for many years. it has never been totally accepted. because the traditional model. if you see 20/20 have good vision.>> that's not necessarily true.>> reporter: the sensory speed program is designed to improve peripheral vision, depth perception tracking ability and any number of visual skills that aid in maximizing performance.>> if you break down any play in any sport to its possible form, it will break down to see it, process, the site, react. >> vision is not just her eyes that's like saying a keyboard is a computer. the eyes are the keyboard to
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the computer. so the eyes are an extension of the brain. they are designed to get the information as quickly and accurately as possible. that has to go to the brain, process, that goes from the brain to your body.>> reporter: vehicle is pretty cool. the theory behind it is impressive and in practice the san jose state softball team provide a compelling data point.>> record numbers, top 10 in getting -->> reporter: best top 10 in the nation. the spartans also increased the winning total by 23 percent>> we have a better eye at the plate, and were lord coe slow things down. we can take our time mentally and adjust to the pitch is coming out us to make a good decision. >> reporter: increase stats are good, increase safety even better. in the long run the most important benefit of improved neurocognitive functioning might just be reducing the likelihood and severity of head injuries. >> with all of the research
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coming out for concussions, they're starting to realize how important vision is. you can help to prevent concussions by doing this training because the athletes become more aware and they can react quicker. they get out of the way in time to >> reporter: the upside here is clear. the mission going forward, educate and train as many student-athletes as possible. because seeing is believing. >> if a team or player really buys into this and they do it we teach them to do the performance improves. >> reporter: in san jose scott reese. is 4:56 am. you may hear heavy rain and wind outside tonight, coming up at 5 pm will have the latest on your weather, road conditions, and bay area power outages. president trump calling left nice missile attack against syria in the vital national security interests of the u. s. and laura blanchard and washington with the latest.
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road conditions are doing pretty well given all the wet windy weather we had yesterday overnight. is a look at the east shore freeway with traffic going smoothly full report which i am. all wind advisories have been canceled. most of the rain has ended but it's not quickly gone. we have another system on the way for late today and into tonight. [ music ]
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we cannot afford another $40 a month on their bills. they are already maxed out. see my paying more to drive. more on the tax that was just approved. it is raining outside. >> that is classic randy travis. i do not know classic randy travis. but it's a good way to start
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the day. >> i know that travel will be affected. will have a lot of wind and rain. thank you for joining us. i'm joining you now. i am pam cook. select and i am dave clark. and that is steve in his office. >> our system has moved on. there is another one coming by. we are not done yet. thursday and friday looks to be equal or on park to what we just had. thankfully the wind advisory in the heavy rain has moved on. 74 in mount diablo.


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